Overview Of Myanmar’s Water Industry

Myanmar is undergoing a rapid economic growth of between 6-8% per annum. The country, with over 51 million people, is growing and developing fast. The current economy is heavily dependent on the agricultural sector, that counts for 38% of GDP. Diversification of the economy is needed and therefore Myanmar will engage into a path of more industrialization. Economic growth in developing countries often goes hand in hand with a huge urbanisation process. For example, the region of Yangon with a currently estimated population of 6 million people. But also other cities in Myanmar will experience urbanisation, and at the same time the water supply in the rural areas need to be upgraded as well. Therefore, Myanmar offers a lot of potential for drinking water supply, water purification, waste water treatment, urban drainage improvements and solid waste management.

Urban Water Supply

Urban water supply Safe drinking water is a nationwide priority. In the future, more drinking water supply will be based on piped water systems. Myanmar has many (dams) reservoirs for drinking water; villages tend to use open water ponds for water storage. For example, in the Yangon city urban area, water supply comes from reservoirs (80%) and groundwater (20%). The city water supply is treated before delivered to the clients. People using own tube wells, regularly also use water filtration systems. Yangon cannot meet the demand for urban water supply, due to a lack of maintenance in the system and the urban expansion. Not only Yangon but also many other cities need standards for service pipe connections, water meter, storage tank installation, and grounder water extraction.

Industrial water discharge and supply

Currently, YCDC is constructing water connections from the YCDC main pipeline to the industrial zones. However, water discharging remains a challenge, with in 2012 still 2054 factories not having a wastewater treatment plant. With the rapid increase of industries, the need for good water treatment technologies is growing.

Opportunities For Sub-Sectors In The Water Industry in Myanmar

  • Water and wastewater treatment plants;

  • Pump1s, pipes, valves;

  • Advanced filtration and disinfection systems;

  • Primary and secondary treatment systems;

  • Sludge disinfection and dewatering/drying systems